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October 29, 2015

Announcement: Off the air

We are going off air to European audiences for all of November 2015 and plan to recommence early December 2015. This is due to moving our studio out of the city. For listeners in the Americas and New Zealand, we plan to replay some of our best shows for 2015. 

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The Buzz Music Talk Show No.18

Show No.18 Halloween Special
Ooooooooo. Happy Halloween for 2015! Today's show is creepy and ghastly. Don't listen to it on a full stomach. Ghostly screams, owls hoot. You're in for a trick or treat. 

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Michael Jackson - Thriller:

October 15, 2015

Alien & UFO Special

Alien & UFO Special
Welcome to today’s special show. Ever since the 1947 Roswell spacecraft crash many people around the world wonder if their is life beyond earth. In 2013 an American survey found 50% of people believe we are not alone. In the next 30 minutes we’re looking into the truth about Aliens and UFOs. Are Aliens and myth or fact? Are most UFO’s flying saucers? Are crop circles faked? And are Alien abductions authentic?

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I watched this YouTube video of authentic captured Alien life. However the clips showed very blurry images or what looked like animals in shot:


October 9, 2015

Relays over the weekend 10-11th October


SATURDAY 10/10: 
19:00 Hobart Radio International - The Buzz
SUNDAY 11/09: 
7:00 SuperClan Radio
8:00 Atlantic 2000
9:00 DARC (Via Moosbrunn, Austria)
19:00 Atlantic 2000

MONDAY 12/09:
15:00 DARC
18:00 DARC

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The Buzz Music Talk Show No.17

Show No.17
On today’s show we start with satire news, audio from the Muppet Show, explore the unusual concept of playing the drums on various people’s bottoms and as always great music.

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Dizzy Gillespie - The Muppet Show:


October 1, 2015

DX Extra Shortwave and Radio News No.33

DX Extra No.33
From Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - welcome to the DX Extra. It’s a show about the shortwave and radio hobby featuring news, reviews, pirate radio and anything in-between. We’re on shortwave and also as audio on demand.

In show 33 this fortnight: 
  • New DRM shortwave radio
  • Radio could kick start North Korea revolution
  • China launches 9 Amateur satellites
  • End of shipping forecast on LW
  • And pirate radio news and logs.

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