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April 24, 2015

DX Extra Shortwave News Show No.26 Released!

Hello fellow DXers, it is with great excitement to release the latest funky shortwave news programme; DX Extra number 26 to the world wide web! We are now on air via Channel 292 6070kHz Saturdays at 15h00UTC, so tell us how we sound. Enjoy!

 In this fortnight's podcast:
  • Radio Yugoslavia protest and cessation July 1
  • Radio France International strikes; back on the air
  • Norway to end (FM) domestic radio 
  • Amateur Radio: International Marconi Day (IMD)
  • Pirate Radio News, logs and recordings
  • Audio Archive: Radio Tirana (Albania)
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You can now find our transcript via google docs.
Why change? Using google docs enables us to share more information and be more interactive with you. It also turns the transcript into a newsletter.

Image: Hobart waterfront Pier, Tasmania.

Our first transmission with Channel 292 on 6070kHz 15h00UTC went very well, thanks to Friedrich-Walter Adam for the YouTube clip: (About 2m03s in)

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