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March 28, 2015

DX Extra Shortwave News Show No.24

Hello fellow DXers, it is with great excitement to release the latest funky shortwave news programme; DX Extra number 24 to the world wide web! Enjoy!
 In this fortnight's podcast: 
  • Radio Romania new frequencies
  • What is the USAF HF-GCS?
  • Voice of Korea (North) A15 schedule
  • Zimbabwe transitions towards digital
  • RNZI schedule for A15
  • Pirate Radio News, logs and recordings
  • Audio Archive: Radio Vanuatu

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Happy A15 broadcast schedule. As much as we'd love to read out all the new frequencies for all the stations we picked a few that took our interest.
As of March 29th 2015 Radio Romania International will broadcast on new SW frequencies. Please check them out: 
                RECEPTION AREAS            UTC                         kHz
   WESTERN EUROPE      05.30 – 06.00         9,700 ; 11,800 (DRM)  
     11.00 – 12.00  15,130 ; 17,680
     17.00 – 18.00  9,540 ; 11,810 (DRM)
     20.30 – 21.00 6,170 ; 9,800 (DRM)
     22.00 – 23.00  5,939 ; 7,430
   SOUTH-EAST AFRICA      11.00 – 12.00  15,150 ; 17,670
   NORTH AMERICA (East Coast)      20.30 – 21.00  13,650 ; 15,170
     00.00 – 01.00  9,730 ; 11,800
   NORTH AMERICA (West Coast)      03.00 – 04.00 9,730 ; 11,800
   JAPAN      22.00 – 23.00 9,790 ; 11,700
   INDIA + AUSTRALIA      05.30 – 06.00 17,760 ; 21,500
   INDIA      03.00 – 04.00 11,825 ; 15,220 (DRM)
Via Radio Romania online

Audio: EAM
You would not be the first person to quickly think that is a number station. But what you are hearing is an Emergency Action Message, EAM. In a nutshell that is “preformatted message that directs nuclear-capable forces[1] to execute specific Major Attack Options (MAOs) or Limited Attack Options(LAOs) in a nuclear war. Individual countries or specific regions may be included or withheld in the EAM” The messages are sent in digital format to nuclear-capable major commands via the secure Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN). The messages are then relayed to aircraft that are on alert by the U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, via single-sideband modulation radio transmitters of the High Frequency Global Communications System .Via wikipedia
“The USAF High Frequency Global Communications System is a worldwide network of 15 high-power HF stations providing command and control communications between ground agencies and US military aircraft and ships. Allied military and other aircraft are also provided support IAW agreements and international protocols as appropriate. The HFGCS is not dedicated to any service or command, but supports all DoD authorized users on a traffic precedence/priority basis.
General services provided by the HFGCS are:
Ok, so you're interested to hear them. Tune to
Primary HFGCS Frequencies 24 Hours: 8992 and 11175
Secondary HFGCS Frequencies Day: 13200 15016
Secondary HFGCS Frequencies Night: 4724 6739
You'll hear these transmission 365 days a year.

Welcome back, you're listening to the DX Extra shortwave news show here on Hobart Radio International. We are being relayed around the world via shortwave into Europe and the Americas and via FM into New Zealand. We love to hear from you, and we've had plenty of emails coming through. Let's get back to the show.

English (These go for an hour)
0400                  7220      9445      9730                                      Northeast Asia
0400                11735    13760    15180                                      Central & South America
0500                13650    15105                                                    Southeast Asia
0600                  7220      9445      9730                                      Northeast Asia
1000                11710    15180                                                    Central & South America
1000                11735    13650                                                     Southeast Asia
1300                 9435    11710                                                    North America
1300               13760    15245                                                    Western Europe
1500                 9435    11710                                                    North America
1500               13760    15245                                                    Western Europe
1600                  9890    11645                                                    Near & Middle East; North Africa
1800               13760    15245                                                    Western Europe
1900                  7210    11910                                                    South Africa
1900                  9875    11635                                                    Near & Middle East; North Africa
2100               13760    15245                                                    Western Europe
Via BCLNews blog.
Zimbabwe will meet the upcoming deadline from the International Telecommunications Union for transitioning from analog to digital broadcasting, according to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. The deadline was put in place in June 2006.
The Chinese company Huawei Technology would implement the digitization program, explained BAZ CEO Obert Muganyura during a media briefing. The reported cost is $125 million. NetOne will receive the datacasting license.
According to a release published by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), Huawei will set up 30 digital transmitters as part of the compliance, as well as studio encoders and head-to-end and satellite links to safely meet the requirements to limit signal interface with neighboring countries after the switch from analog.
Zimbabwe is also planning to digitize existing television studios, content producers and analog radio stations, renew an FM radio transmission network, a Web TV system and an operational and regulatory monitoring system. This is scheduled to take place between July and December 2015.
The transition will also see the creation of HD television studios, five radio transmission studios, six digital content production facilities, satellite signal distribution, six national FM transmission networks as well as a conditional access system and subscriber management receiver control. - See more at:

Via radioworld

29 MAR 2015 - 24 OCT 2015
02:00 - 02:55 15720 AM Pacific Daily
02:55 - 04:00 15720 AM 17675 DRM Pacific Daily
04:00 - 04:58 15720 AM Pacific Daily
04:59 - 06:50 11725 AM Pacific Daily
06:51 - 07:58 11725 AM 9890 DRM Tonga AM Daily DRM Mon - Fri
07:59 - 10:58 9700 AM Pacific Daily
10:59 - 12:58 9700 AM NW Pacific, PNG Daily
13:00 - 15:50 6170 AM Pacific Daily
15:51 - 17:45 9700 AM 7330 DRM Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Tonga Daily
17:46 - 18:50 9700 AM 11690 DRM Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Tonga Daily
18:51 - 19:50 11725 AM 11690 DRM Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Tonga Daily
19:51 - 20:50 11725 AM 15720 DRM Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Tonga Daily
20:51 - 22:00 11725 AM 15720 DRM Solomon Islands AM Daily DRM Sun - Fri
22:00 - 22:55 15720 AM Pacific Daily
22:55 - 02:00 15720 AM 17675 DRM Pacific AM Daily DRM Sun - Fri

Via Radio New Zealand International

[Pirate Theme]
Yes it is that time again, my favourite time arrrrr. I was shocked to receive a reception report from New Zealand hearing our pirate segment on Spaceshuttle Radio. This clip is so clear, and for us Aussie and Kiwis we don't hear pirates much in our part of the world so a impressive catch!
It's time to have a look at the latest pirates logs:
Here are the Europirate logs for the last weekend and this week; there's heaps of them, and I mean heaps!
Wed Mar 25
4026 1840 Laser Hot Hits. Genesis "Follow Me Follow You," jingle. SINPO 44333.
6285v 1725 Long Live Radio. Rock, frequency drifting. SINPO 34333.
6295 1745 NMD Radio. Dutch song, ID, greetings. SINPO 54444.
6319 1809 Radio Caroline Int. Pop, ID jingles. SINPO 44433.
6803 1735 Radio Pioneer. "Relight My Fire." SINPO 54444.
6950 1803 Radio Mirabelle. Johnny Cash "Walk the Line." SINPO 34333.
Sun Mar 22
4026 1817 Laser Hot Hits. Ottawan "DISCO," some CW QRM. SINPO 43433.
6205 0848 Radio King SW. Oldies, jingles. SINPO 34333.
6210 1137 Radio Experience. Propaganda, ID, greetings. SINPO 44433.
6210 1658 Shortwave Gold. Euro-pop, "Tower of Pop" jingle. SINPO 44433.
6240 0845 Radio Casanova. Dutch songs. SINPO 44433.
6244 0937 Radio Vrij Nederland. Dutch songs, ID, DT talk, splash 6240. SINPO 33333.
6255 1707 Radio Pandora. Signal just audible. SINPO 24332.
6285 0855 Misti Radio. Dance mx "What is Love." SINPO 24332.
6285 1008 Radio Quadzilla. Dutch song. SINPO 34333.
6285 1815 Hitmix Radio. German pop. SINPO 54444.
6285 1724 Crazy Wave Radio. "Devil Inside," ID, talk in GM. SINPO 44444.
6305 0959 Misti Radio. Move from 6285. Dutch music. SINPO 34333.
6305 1132 Telstar Radio. Electro music, strong peaks SINPO 44444.
6305 1715 Enterprise Radio. ID, oldies. SINPO 34333.
6325 1710 Radio Blauwe Panter. Polka, ID, siging off. SINPO 54444.
6378 1811 Radio Joey. IDs, Dutch music. SINPO 54444.
6383 0942 Radio Altrex. Shakin Stevens "Julie," ID, moo sounds. SINPO 34333.
6807 1805 Radio Pioneer. Dutch song, co-channel ute QRM. SINPO 53443. Moved to 6803 - SINPO 54444.
6940 1155 Premier Radio. "Nutbush City Limits," ID, "Lady Marmalde," SINPO 34333.
7540 1651 Radio Latino. Signing off. SINPO 34333.
7620 0900 Radio Waves Int. Talk & music, weak. SINPO 24332.
7630 1415 Free Radio Victoria. "The Logical Song," then John Lennon. SINPO 55444.
9320 1654 Radio Mirabelle. Pop. SINPO 24332.
9560 0950 Radio Mi Amigo v Kall. "Yellow River," "Jack in the Box." SINPO 55544.
9600 1800 Radio Spaceshuttle v Bulgarian relay. Sign on for 60 minute programme. SINPO 55444.
9865 0840 European Music R v Radio Revival. "Come Up and See Me," SINPO 55444.
9865 0905 Radio Atlantic 2000 v Radio Revival. "Heaven is a Place on Earth." SINPO 55444.
Sat Mar 21
6240 1624 Radio Onda Caliente. IDs, oldies. SINPO 34333.
6270 1637 Radio Casanova. Dutch songs. SINPO 54444.
6285 1631 Bogusman. Alternative music, chat. SINPO 44433.
6285 1710 The Ghoul. Alan Parsons Project "Eye in the Sky," chat. SINPO 54444.
6290 1957 Radio Borderhunter. Daft Punk. SINPO 55544.
6305 1726 Telstar Radio. ID, instrumental music. SINPO 54444.
6323 1939 Radio Mustang. ID, dance music, said closing, very strong. SINPO 55555.
European logs via shortwave DX blog.

Heading over to North America:
6876 The Crystal Ship 23h22UTC March 26th Open carrier than Sonny and Cher. Member shipmuck
6950USB XLR8 01h09UTC March 25th Hearing church chimes and Ids. Member RCCI
6770 Old Time Radio 00h17UTC March 25th lousy signal, old radio play. Member SDL.
6930 Radio Mushroom 23h22UTC March 22nd Beatles Come Together, ID. Member Chris Smilonski
North American Logs via the HF underground forum. (We also thank other members contributions to the pirate logs that may have not got a mention.)

DX Extra is being relayed via the following affiliate stations: World FM 88.2FM in Tawa, near Wellington in New Zealand, on shortwave via Cupid Radio, Premier Radio, Focus International, Magic 6205 Europe, Pandora Radio, Radio Miami International and a new station from Europe, Radio Spaceshuttle International featuring our pirate logs segment.

March 12, 2015

DX Extra Shortwave News Show No.23 Released!

Hello fellow DXers, it is with great excitement to release the latest revamped shortwave news programme DX Extra number 23 to the world wide web! Enjoy!
 In this fortnight's podcast: 
  • Global 24 changes
  • Staying in analouge is a dead end
  • New station; CBSFM International
  • Radio Republik Indonesia trialling DRM
  • Pirate Radio News, logs and recordings
  • Audio Archive: RNW final show (2012)
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DOWNLOAD  the show.
On the 5th of March Global 24 made an announcement on their website, 2 days after shortwave listeners noticed the station off the air March 3rd (reported on Bulgarian DX blog):


First, thank you to the many of you that financially supported us.

We are hoping to make a comeback in a new, streamlined form later in March.

We understand that, in some cases, we didn’t keep our promises on the newsletters and the like. It should go with out saying, we’re very sorry if we’ve let you down.

If you’re looking for a refund of any sponsorship money given to Global 24 and would rather "pull out" than wait and see what happens. Let us know in an email to and we can begin to explore what, if anything, that might look like.

Of course, we’d rather count on your support as we try and put this back together – but either way – we understand.


G24” via global 24's website

Glenn Hauser has been in contact with Jeff from WRMI with the following correspondence:
“Jeff, I have the indirect news that G24 will be resuming this weekend in two blocks on WRMI, 11580 and 9955. Please confirm the times and length of each; and what programing will they contain? (Glenn to Jeff White, via DXLD)
Glenn: I am on the road at the moment, but if memory serves me correctly it's 0030 UT Saturday on 11580 and 0200 UT Sunday on 9955. 30 minutes each. Same program twice each weekend. You'll have to ask them about programming, as I have no idea what is planned (Jeff to Glenn, via DXLD)”

While I'm sure many American listeners are saddened that they can't tune into Global 24 any more at least they are on air with what appears to be a 30 minute show repeated over the weekend. But concerns were raised back in January that things we're amiss, here's a post from the Shortwave America blog:
Global 24 Radio - Failure at The Outset?
Global24 Radio launched as a new shortwave service on October 31st, 2014.

It was said that Global24 was going to revitalize shortwave radio, and Jeff White, who owns WRMI in Miami, Florida, said he was excited to see a long overdue commercialization of shortwave.
It is now the middle of January 2015, and none of these things are even close to happening. PCJ Radio International said they will no longer update their programming slot on Global 24 because of broken / unfulfilled promises on their deal with PCJ.
[…] A listener calls Global24 out on their many promises that never came true, and a Global24 station staff member saying that it will be many more months.
Listeners have repeatedly told Global24 that they could not hear them, and listeners are also complaining that there has been a cold response or even a non-response to their reception reports.
One of GLOBAL24's worst choices was to pick only one frequency for a 24 hour broadcast operation. 9395 kHz is the 31meter band, good for overnight and early morning broadcast, whereas a higher frequency is needed for daytime operation, preferably the 21 or 25 meter bands.
Rumour has it that Jeff White advised them that they needed to do something like what was described above.
At this time, we know that Global24 started broadcasting without a schedule firmly in place per their own admission. At this time, the perception is that Global24 was put together haphazardly and without much forethought.” Via Shortwave American blog

I checked the Global 24 forum today and noticed it is offline. Let's hope that they can learn from their mistakes and turn around to be a revitalised station with great ideas for their commercial shortwave station.

“Transmission expert Les Sabel told broadcast managers and engineers in Kuala Lumpur today that staying in analog transmission is a “dead end.”
Most Asian countries are well behind Australia in launching digital radio.
Sabel, a technical consultant for CRA and World DMB, was speaking at a workshop on Digital Radio in the lead up to the official opening of the Digital Broadcasting Summit tomorrow in Malaysia.
He told delegates the cost of inaction on digital radio “is that listeners will go somewhere else.”
Sabel laid out a range of suggested technical steps for network planning and roll out in Asian countries, based on lessons learnt from Australia and internationally. He said a good time to roll out digital radio is when digital tv is being rolled out, because the same benefits of more content, more features and better quality are available for both media and it is easier to educate listeners about the benefits of digital radio if they are already thinking about similar features for digital tv.
Digital Radio’s “long term payoff for broadcasters,” according to Sabel, is lower operating expenses once simulcasting is turned off, plus increased value in content, added value for spectrum and the option for a much more flexible future. He recommended that broadcasters migrate gradually to digital transmission rather than trying to launch everything at once with a “big bang.”
Abdul Ramin from RTM Malaysia outlined the progress towards digital radio in his country. Initial studies of digital radio began in 1999 and in 2005 a decision was made to adopt three standards: DVBT, DAB+ and DRM for Malaysia. Broadcast trails began in 2009 and “the results are very encouraging,” said Ramin. The trial licences expired this year and the Malaysian national broadcaster is hoping they will be quickly renewed by the regulator so that the next stage of trials can include content trials and listening studies, as well as just technical analysis.
RTM is anticipating a national roll of digital radio out over ten years, based on the country’s past experience of the FM roll out. Major cities on the west and east coasts of Malaysia are planned to be in the first stage of the roll out, followed by smaller cities then regional areas.
Commercial Radio Australia’s Kath Brown outlined ten critical factors for success in rolling out digital radio and explained that a crucial element in Australia’s success with digital radio was that all sectors of broadcasting agreed on a united policy position and presented it to government. Once there is an accepted policy from government, the next steps are to get the program makers and receiver manufacturers excited about digital radio, then get car manufacturers on board.
Digital radios have become a mass market item. There are about 400 models of digital radio receiver available, with the cheapest model in Australia priced at only $17, available from Aldi supermarkets.
In Brown’s opinion, “broadcasters are the best placed to plan their networks and operate the multiplex licences.” Her ten steps to success are:
  1. Select spectrum efficient technology, such as DAB+
  2. Start NOW
  3. Give broadcasters incentives to embrace digital radio, such as new digital spectrum licences
  4. Tell governments that transmission costs will be much less (one tenth of analog costs) once simulcasting is finished and that there is a potential digital dividend from the old analog spectrum
  5. Plan a national staged project
  6. Save operational costs by careful coverage planning
  7. Encourage new content and affordable receivers
  8. Work to get digital radio into vehicles and smart phones
  9. Marketing strategy to inform listeners
  10. Use analog and online to cross promote digital benefits”
Via radioinfo online 

“Monday 9th March
Alan Gale writes on the British DX Club Yahoo group: "CBSFM International from Ireland are currently testing live on 7820 kHz. Presenter said their service will launch on the 17th of March, and they were asking for reception reports on their signal. They will be closing down at 1800 UTC today, I think. Very strong signal here in the nw of England.

Will also stream on Internet as well. More details from their website, and reports can be sent from there:
Station information:
We are testing our mega streams right now, the real 21st century  Irish radio revolution starts here soon. CBS Fm International-The Home Of Smart Stereo Hits-launches from Southwest Ireland on St Patrick's Day, March 17 at 12 noon
CBS FM International is a more music radio station, where talk is kept to a minimum. Broadcasting from Southwest Ireland,
CBS FM's djs come from many different countries, but speak mostly in English, the same language as the music.
We are your Smart Stereo Hits Source, powered up on your smartphone, tablet and computer. CBS FM International has listeners from Chicago  to Calcutta, and from London to Los Angeles, and across Planet Earth!
CBS FM International is leading the way in Broadcasting. We are 21st Century Radio,The Home Of Smart Stereo Hits! and it's lots of fun too!
For More Info Contact Steve Marshall,CEO,CBS FM International."
(Alan Gale, BDXC-UK Yahoo group)” Via the shortwave dx blog

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium and the Indonesian public broadcaster, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), are pleased to announce a DRM30 digital radio trial and workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia in the week of 24th of March. Indonesia is mostly coastal lowlands, larger islands and mountainous areas creating a challenging broadcasting landscape; RRI is exploring ways of overcoming these challenges to provide quality broadcasting services that can be received countrywide, with the efficient use of energy.

Mr Sunarya Ruslan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RRI Indonesia, says: "We are looking at the weaknesses that we experience currently in analogue radio with a desire to offer radio broadcast services that are economical, easy, and mobile, offering the same good quality to Indonesian citizens, whether they are in big or small cities, even in remote areas and whether they are farmers, fishermen, government officials or private citizens.  Mr Muhammad Rohanudin, Technology and New Media Director of RRI, adds: "RRI is currently reviewing the appropriate technologies to be used as a delivery medium. These technologies include DRM and we hope that the DRM trial in the Bogor area will provide us with options and a better understanding of digital radio broadcasting."  

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chairman, is delighted to have the Consortium working so closely with RRI: "We believe that DRM will prove to be the full and cost-effective solution for Indonesia allowing it to provide quality broadcasting with extra services, to densely populated urban zones but also to remote areas. The DRM trial and workshop will be run together with Indonesian specialists and will give them the opportunity to experience the quality and advantages of DRM digital radio broadcasting while we will learn more about this important Asian market."  

The DRM30 trial and workshop will be held from 24th - 27th March 2015 in Jakarta and Bogor. They will be supported by RRI and key Consortium members:Fraunhofer IIS, GatesAir, RFmondial and Transradio.  During the workshop attendees will be invited to observe the results of the DRM30 trial and to learn more about the full DRM standard.
(DRM Consortium Press Release)
Via radio activity blog

[Pirate Theme]

Yes it is that time again, my favourite time – looking at logs from Free radio stations and it was the busiest weekend in a long time. For Europe on Sunday the 8th March had a whopping 26 stations and Saturday the 7th had 14. (Using logs comparison from Irish Pauls Blog and ShortwaveDX blog) American pirates were very active too, 18 on Sunday. So I hope you got to hear someone!
It also pays to search for them during the week:

It's time to have a look at the latest pirates logs:
Here are the Europirate logs for the last weekend and this week; there's heaps so I will try and get through them quickly!

Tue Mar 10
4026 2044 Laser Hot Hits. Boney M "Rasputin," then "Stars on 45." SINPO 54444.

5897U 2051 Radio Milano International via Barracuda. IT talk, also on 6210/6300. SINPO 44444.
Sun Mar 8
4018 1840 Rock Radio Network. Female vocalist, ID jingle. SINPO 44433.
4026 1835 Laser Hot Hits. INXS song, jingle. SINPO 54444.
5805 1720 Radio Pandora. Oldies. SINPO 24332.
6190 1015 European Music Radio v Bremen. "Everyone's Going to the Moon," SINPO 55444.
6201 0944 Radio Sunflower. ID and contact details, The Beatles. SINPO 44433.
6215U 1709 Radio Barracuda. German music. SINPO 44433.
6235 0920 Radio Casanova. "Hey Joe Mackenzie," ID, BZN. SINPO 44433.
6240 1002 Radio Scotland Int. Stranglers "No Mercy," ID. SINPO 54444.
6244 0915 Zender Vrij Nederland. Dutch songs. SINPO 34333.
6285 0900 Radio Focus Int. Terry Phillips with ID, contact details, 60s music. SINPO 44433.
6290 1713 Radio Bermudadreieck. Rock, talk in GM, splash from Focus. SINPO 33333.
6297.5 0906 Magic AM. Cult "She Sells Sanctuary," ID. SINPO 44444.
6305 0940 Radio Quadzilla. Boney M "Brown Girl in the Ring." SINPO 33333.
6324 1559 Radio Joey. Dutch songs. SINPO 54433.
6400 1855 Radio Ronnie AM. Golden Earring, strong peaks. SINPO 44433.
6401 1554 Quasar Radio. "Days of Pearly Spencer." SINPO 34333.
6860 0956 Radio Mirabelle. Oldies. SINPO 34333.
6950 0925 Radio Enterprise. Oldies, ID jingle. SINPO 34333.
9600 1825 Radio Spaceshuttle. A version of "Pretty Woman," jingles but then audio problem. SINPO 55444.
9815 1845 Radio Barracuda. CCR "Bad Moon Rising." SINPO 44433.

European logs via shortwave DX blog.

And you might have heard us 1st March on 6300 9h25UTC via Cupid radio or 6325 Premier Radio at 11h4

Heading over to North America:
A new one to me, 6925 03h35UTC KCPR March 12 “First song about pirates that play the music the people want
Little fading and more reggae
Walking the Streets of Bakersfield (my brother is there now)
SSTV: KCPR fat kid with capguns” by member Antennae

6925 01h05UTC Captain Morgan 11th March R&B song with big signal using SAM. Good audio. S9+20.
Thanks for the show! by member blw

6930 00h30UTC CYOT (Coyote Radio) 8th March 2015 “0029 Coyotes yipping?
0033 "Oh Canada" so CYOT?
0034 "50 thousand watts of pure program magic" then what sounded like a poss YL ID, but in a fade here” by member jFarley

North American Logs via the HF underground forum. (We also thank other members contributions to the pirate logs that may have not got a mention.)

DX Extra is being relayed via the following affiliate stations: World FM 88.2FM in Tawa, near Wellington in New Zealand, on shortwave via Cupid Radio, Premier Radio, Focus International, Magic 6205 Europe, Pandora Radio, and now Radio Miami International. We cease our show with Global 24.

Before we go it's time to get an audio clip out of the archives. This is a shortwave recording of Radio Netherlands Worldwide's final broadcast July 2nd 2012 1900UTC on 17605khz

Until next time remember shortwave radio is still full of mysteries – keep tuning and keep reporting. Take care and stay safe!

Image: Cascade Brewery, South Hobart. Famous for "Cascade Draught" beer.

March 4, 2015

The Buzz No.1 Music show

The Buzz No.1 Music Show
Welcome to the first relaxed music and talk show. On today's show we feature slightly heavier music than I am used to including a great metal cover of "Summer Lovin - Grease" and some Motley Crue, CBD, Grandmaster flash some Little Britain comedy and to calm it down towards the end a song from the Lion King - an ace first show! I forgot, Elmer Fudd can rap!

LISTEN via embedded player:

To DOWNLOAD in 320kbps format or lower formats head to:

Did you hear it on shortwave? We feature a special eQSL for this music show. On air 6940 via Premier Radio 2nd March 2015 at 19h00-20h00 UTC into Europe.