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December 11, 2014

2014 Christmas Special

It's out and ready for anyone to listen to - the 2014 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

In this year's show we play music by John Lennon and Cascada, we travel back to Australia in 1958 via Doctor Who's spare TARDIS and see what Christmas means then. On our journey home we get a comical cultural dose of a hot summers Christmas in Australia - it's no winter wonderland downunder! And as we do every year we finish it off with Jiminy Cricket's Twas the night before Christmas.


DOWNLOAD (also in lower kbps formats)

Image: One of Tasmania's most popular Christmas lights in a Hobart outer-suburb.

Reception reports:
We have had a great number of QSL reports received of Europeans hearing us via relay parter Cupid Radio on 6265kHz 10h50-11h20UTC on December 25th 2014.
Here is a YouTube clip of us.
Below is audio of the show via Cupid Radio on 6265kHz (courtesy of Achim

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