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October 26, 2014

DX EXTRA Show No.13 Released!

Hello fellow dxers!,

It is with great excitement to release the latest DX Extra No.13 show to the world wide web.

In this fortnight's podcast:

- Radio Japan B14 schedule
- Radio New Zealand frequency changes
- New station Global 24 radio 
- DW Radio B14 schedule
- RTE gets delayed closure
- Radio Taiwan now on B14
- Audio: RNZI Special 90 years since first NZ/UK radio contact


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[Intro:] From Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Welcome to the DX Extra, the extra thing you need to digest your shortwave news – its show number 13. Hope you are all doing well. 

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We welcome the summer shortwave schedules B14! At least in Australia it's summer - It starts today the 26th of October!

In the headlines this fortnight:

  • Radio Japan B14 schedule
  • Radio New Zealand frequency changes
  • New station Global 24 radio 
  • DW Radio B14 schedule
  • RTE gets delayed closure
  • Radio Taiwan now on B14
  • Audio: RNZI Special 90 years since first NZ/UK radio contact

NHK Radio Japan has released a new B14 schedule here are the new English frequencies:
Oceania: 10-1030UTC on 9625
South-East Asia: 12-1230UTC on 11740 and 14-1430UTC on 11705
South-West Asia 14-1430UTC 15735 
Europe: 5-530UTC on 5975
Africa 5-530UTC 11970 and 18-1830UTC 9755

Via NHK World's website. 

Here are the new frequencies for Radio New Zealand International excluding DRM transmissions. These are minor changes. 

2151 to 4h58UTC 15720 to Pacific
0459-0759UTC 11725 to Pacific
0759-1058UTC 13840 to North West Pacific
13-1550UTC 5950 to Pacific
1551-1850UTC 9765 to Cook Islands, Samoa
1851-2150UTC 11725 to Samoa and Tonga

Of course RNZI is easily audible in Australia, but in the afternoons on 11725 it does get bombarded with side splatter. 

Via RNZi's website

"Oct. 21, 2014 – Global 24 Radio LLC announced today that its inaugural broadcast will go live at 7:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 31, with a line-up of new and well-known programs and around-the-clock English language programming.  The broadcast can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 9395 kHz on WRMI broadcasting from Okeechobee, Florida.

“We’re very excited about launching Global 24 and the important contributions it will make to shortwave radio listening – as both a medium worth preserving and a vital part of the modern media mix for so many listeners around the world,” said Phil Workman, general manager of Global 24.   “Our broadcast will appeal to dedicated shortwave listeners (SWL) all over the world looking for breaking news, opinion and music.”

Global 24 aims to revitalize the shortwave medium by bringing general interest news and entertainment into sharper focus for listeners looking for high quality programming on a daily basis.  Regular listeners will be informed, entertained and engaged in an ever more complex world. 

According to Jeff White, general manager of WRMI,  “Global 24 represents another step in the long overdue commercialization of shortwave radio.  We are excited to be working with them on their ambitious program to engage and entertain a global audience.”

Additional press releases in coming days will announce our broadcast schedule, our Listeners’ Club, contests, sponsors, our web store, staff and much more.  Follow us on Twitter at @Global24Radio or on Facebook at

Visit our website: to join our email newsletter for the most current updates."

Via the Bulgarian dx blog

Germany's DW radio started early in the B14 schedule on the 15th of October.

English to Africa can be heard on the following frequencies:
4-5hrs UTC on 7425, 9600, 9800 and 15275 to East Africa
5-6hrs Utc on 7425, 9600, 9800 and 15275 to South Africa
7-8hrs UTC on 9800, 12005, 15275 and 17800 to West Africa

These transmissions are likely to be heard in Australia in the afternoons just like other stations beamed to Africa such as VOA News Now. 

"Oct 22nd 
RTÉ Radio chiefs have met with the Irish in Britain organisation to discuss the impact the loss of its longwave service will have on the community.
A delegation arrived in London on Monday after the national broadcaster admitted more time was needed to consult with groups and individuals who listen in from here.
Irish in Britain, whose petition to save the service has topped over 750 signatures, said the closure was “not just about numbers” but “the significant loss of a touch point between the older Irish living here and at home.”
“We are delighted that RTÉ responded to our call to postpone the longwave closure until a proper impact assessment is undertaken,” IIB CEO Jennie McShannon added.
“We hope they will hear what we and others have to say before taking an irreversible step which will cut loose the links for so many Irish people here in Britain.”
The Radio 1 service was due to go off air on October 27 but RTÉ has now postponed that closure until January 19 after listeners voiced their objections to the move.
A spokesperson, however, said the closure would go ahead in the New Year.
Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Brendan Smith welcomed RTÉ’s reprieve but added: “The broadcaster needs to go further and guarantee the viability of the service into the future.”
Mr Smith called on Minister for the Diaspora Jimmy Deenihan and Ireland’s Minister for Communications Alex White to intervene to stop RTÉ pulling the service.
Speaking to The Irish Post in London Mr Deenihan came out in defence of the service.
“I don’t think RTÉ were aware of the importance of the availability of longwave to the Irish Diaspora here,” he said. “Most people I’m speaking to, especially the elderly population, it’s their way of keeping in touch with Ireland.”"

Via the Irish Post website.

And finally Radio Taiwan also has new frequencies as it starts the English B14 schedule:

South East Asia 3-4hrs UTC on 15320 and11-12Hrs UTC on 7445
South Asia 16-17hrs UTC on 13810
Africa 17-18hrs UTC on 11975 
China 16-17hrs UTC on 6180
Europe 18-19hrs UTC on 3965. 

It's a pity to see many shortwave stations only doing limited transmissions.

[Via RTI's website.]

And if this news was not enough, we recommend The World of Radio by Glen Hauser, the website www dot world of radio dot com

DX Extra is being relayed via World FM 88.2FM in Tawa, near Wellington in New Zealand.. Worldfm dot co dot nz – all the details are on the website. 


Before we go it's time to get an audio clip out of the archives. This is audio from one of the latest National Radio New Zealand shows called Sounds Historical. It features the first NZ to UK radio transmission in 1924, having a 90th birthday this month.

[RNZI Sounds Historical audio]

Until next time remember shortwave radio is still full of mysteries – keep tuning and keep reporting. Take care and stay safe. 

Great support from listeners

Last fortnight's special on Number Stations was a great success with listeners above 250!

October 12, 2014

DX Extra - Number Stations show released!

Dear fellow DXers,

It is with absolute excitement to release a special podcast on Number Stations. Last time we released one on this topic the audio was relayed by pirates across shortwave. In case this happens again we have included our original intermission theme. 

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We thank your continuing support and encouragement to produce podcasts and hope this special show will enable us to gauge interest where we sit as a platform in podcasting. 


[DX Extra theme]

Welcome to a DX Extra special

[Audio sample as intro Delta Mike]

[Audio sample – counting station CIA]

Number stations have been on air ever since the end of the Second world war although some think even earlier post World War 1. Heightened during the Cold war. Government Intelligence Agencies from around the world send unbreakable messages in number formats over radio to spy agents in the field, like the famous 007 James Bond

[Audio – James Bond theme]

These are transmitted over shortwave worldband radio, it's in a band in-between the AM radio band and the FM band – it starts just after the AM or Medium Wave band at 1 point 711 mhz and goes up to 30mhz. It's lower than the FM radio band which starts at 87MHz. Unfortunately the shortwave band is less known these days and naturally the Internet, ipads, andriod tablets and smart phones are a much better way of listening to radio stations by simply downloading their app and tuning in. But those who still tune into the old shortwave bands can still pick up number stations if it be in English, German, Spanish or Russian. 

At the top or half past the hour they start off with a little diddly tune, call it their intro – beeps, callsigns or a mix of both. This is to help the agent tune into the frequency and to tell the agent what the station is. 

[Audio – Lincolnshire Poacher]

Stations come and go, some last for ten years while others a year or even a week. After the Berlin wall fell many East and West German number stations went off the air never to be heard again. 

[Audio – ]
[Audio – Magnetic fields]

Number stations aren't always in voice form, some are in Morse code, while others use digital modes to send text and numbers.

[Audio – Wilco ]

Bands such as Stereolab and Boards of Canada have created songs artistically using number stations, in this song called “Pause” by Stereolab you can hear the sound of German numbers being read. 

[Audio – Sterelab – Pause]

One of the biggest questions is why use a public broadcast medium of radio to transmit numbers? It's a simple answer – it's easy to do and easy to tune into over vast amounts of land. Remember that shortwave radio can go for hundreds of kilometres easily covering a whole continent!  But it's very possible the signal even could reach beyond to America or Australia or right around the world. The good thing about shortwave transmissions are that they are hard to trace and easy to pick up with a simple portable shortwave radio.

To finish off, let's have a quick listen to a South Korean numbers station that plays a different song before the transmission begins for its spies in North Korea. The country has had plenty of media attention of late. I've also observed China and Vietnam now have number stations.  

[Audio – James Bond theme No.2] 

This podcast is creative commons copyright 2014 by Hobart Radio International. We used audio from the conet project, other media recordings donated by Jochen Schafer, recordings from Simon Mason's website and other unknown authors. 

DX Extra show No. 12 released!!

Hello fellow dxers!,

It is with great excitement to release the latest DX Extra No.12 show to the world wide web.

In this fortnight's podcast:

- WRMI expands Broadcasts
- RTE 252 Longwave closure
- New Australian Sky News International channel
- Radio Australia cutbacks
- REE hanging on until Oct 15th.

- From the archives: All India Radio 

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